Registration, marketing + analytics for mass participation events

Attendly is a world class event registration platform built exclusively for mass participation events . Running, walking, cycling, triathlons, swimming and multi-discipline. We power them all.

Self service


Re-brand Attendly as your own

Rebrand as your

Accept a variety of payments


Capture any kind of data you want

any data

Integrate with Facebook, Twitter and other social media

Social media

Our technical support is outstanding


Let's talk about how we do things differently at Attendly

The freedom to be
an individual, not a template

We all have our own stories, and we all tell them in different ways. It's what makes the world so fascinating.

At Attendly, we believe in putting your story out in front. It's why we made our event pages whitelabel. Your brand, your cause, your colours. Your story.

You can trust us to do the right thing by your attendees

We respect the fact that the people who register for your events are your customers, not ours.

At Attendly, we'll never market to your customers. It's not how we do things.

Some companies are built on bricks and mortar. Attendly is built on trust.

You choose the price

Our customers are the world's best event managers.

They manage events on behalf of others, so we let them set the price that their client pays. We then share the revenue with the event manager.

Everyone should have the opportunity to go their own way. To choose their own path. To determine what is valuable, and what is not.

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Use Attendly directly

If you are an event manager with a large event of your own, you should be in control. Attendly makes it easy to create, edit and manage your events, including powerful analytics to show where your attendees are coming from.


Provide to your clients

We can make Attendly look and feel like your product. Let your clients log in and see the latest numbers at anytime.

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Process credit card payments

Process credit cards through Attendly


Integrate with Paypal


Connect to your own payment gateway

The full range of features

  • Branded event pages
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing analytics suite
  • Bar coded checkin
  • Advanced form builder
  • Capture any data
  • Unlimited ticket types
  • Early bird discounts
  • Discount codes
  • E-ticket and receipt
  • Export all attendees
  • Bank grade security
  • Custom reports
  • Revenue sharing
  • Merchandise sales
  • Mobile ready

A dedicated team

Meet the Attendly team.

We care about the people making Attendly as much as we care about those who use it. That's why we choose the best people we can find to be part of our team.

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