Why is it important to engage with your attendees after the event? – 90 Second Lesson with William Thomson

We sat down with William Thomson (Events Consultant at Gallus Events) to discuss ways to use content marketing to engage and build relationships with clientele.

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Why is it important to engage with your attendees after the event?

That’s a really good question and it’s incredibly important. The market is so saturated now that most middle to senior managers, and everyone knows this, will receive 3 or 4 invites to events every week. So you’ve got to continue this relationship with an attendee past the physical event. If you want them to attend the next year they have to see the value in attending your event much more than over a day. What I’ve been looking to do is to develop a content marketing strategy which looks at the content from your event and continues that through a year long cycle.

So when someone receives that email which is maybe 3 months out or 4 months out that says ‘book now’, they’ve had a continued dialogue with you, they know who you are, you’re not starting from scratch again, they’ve received valuable information from you over a longer period of time. Its so much easier for you to get that person to attend when they’ve continued that relationship with you. And it is a relationship basis.

I see now that business events are a service rather than a product. And this has been a huge shift over the past few years and we have to think about the attendee over a year long cycle or a 6 month cycle with the physical event being at the heart of it. We have to continue the learning and the engagement with other attendees, with speakers and with sponsors past that event, it’s crucial if you want to increase your attendance to keep communicating and keep adding value past the physical event.