Why are a lot of companies seeing a big reduction in sponsorship revenue for their events? – 90 Second Lesson with William Thomson

We sat down with William Thomson (Events Consultant at Gallus Events) to discuss ways to better appeal to sponsors in an over-saturated market.

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A lot of companies are seeing a big reduction in sponsorship revenue. Why do you think that is? 

It’s very difficult at the moment, there’s such competition from social media and also other forms of communication that an exhibitor or sponsor might like to do. I’d like organizers to question if their event is the best way for their exhibitor or a sponsor to spend the money that they’ve got.

Now traditionally I question whether or not conferences and exhibitions really are the best way for people to spend money. What they want to do is generate leads and conferences and exhibitions aren’t really good at that. Now if you think about saying to an exhibitor or a sponsor, ‘I’d like you to spend 10,000 pounds building a stand, attending an event for 3 days, to hopefully get some leads’. It’s such a competitive market now that your sponsor isn’t just looking at other events, they’re looking at other channels to spend that money.

I think organizers really have to look at their sponsorship packages and think ‘whats different from my event that is different from any other channel? What am I delivering that an exhibitor or sponsor can’t get through any other channel? So look at your sponsorship package through the eyes of your sponsor and I think you’ll find you’re in a much better position to be able to go back to them and say ‘you will get the value from attending this event’.