We Are Hiring For A Graduate Or Junior PHP Developer

We are looking for a great junior developer (or new graduate) to join us on our journey, and the search starts now. To paraphrase the undoubtedly apocryphal words of Sir Ernest Shackleton:


What is Attendly?

We are not building your average company here, so we don’t want an average developer.

Attendly is an online event registration solution. Running an event is no easy task, but it’s a noble one. Whether an event’s purpose is to raise money for a charity, help people meet new friends or teach people about something new, an event brings people together.

We built Attendly to encourage people to keep coming together. To learn, to meet new people, to help others, to get support.


We want to make it easier for for event organizers to create, promote and run events of all types and sizes.

What kind of skills would I need?

The person we hire will have knowledge of or experience in the following:

  • An understanding of MVC design patterns and OO programming
  • Experience with PHP and MySQL
  • Experience with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Exposure to Linux

This really is an entry level role though, so it’s okay if you have just graduated from University or have only one or two years experience. Our CTO will happily guide you as we turn you into a world class developer.

But let’s be honest. Technical skills are only half the battle in getting this job. As you would be working with a small team of six people (two of whom are developers), it’s pretty important you fit in culturally. It’s not that hard really.

What does cultural fit look like?

  • Intellectually curious
  • Persistent
  • Interested in innovation and doing things differently
  • Problem solver
  • Ask for forgiveness rather than permission
  • Favours getting shit done over perfection
  • Learns really quickly
  • Prefers the deep end to the shallow

Where is the role based?

We work out of the amazing Inspire9 in Richmond, Melbourne. Sixty seconds walk from the Richmond train station, Inspire9 is home to many of Melbourne’s best startups.


We take breaks during the day on the table tennis table, the pool table, the foosball table…well you get the picture.

Sounds good. How do I apply?

Here is how to start the process. Send an email to Andy (Andrew at Attendly dot com) and CC Scott (Scott at Attendly dot com) with the following:

  • A copy of your CV (LinkedIn URL is fine)
  • A link to your github account
  • One paragraph of why you want this job
  • One paragraph of what it is about your background that makes you right for this role
  • An answer to the question: “In my opinion, the best song released in the last 12 months was…”
  • For extra points, but not compulsory: The name of someone that knows you, that also knows either Andy or knows Scott

Thanks for your time, and good luck!