We Are Hiring A Content Wrangler – Is That You?

We have been pumping out awesome sauce (you might know them as blog posts) for just over a year now, and it has reached the point where we need a bit more help. Our previous content wrangler has departed our shores and taken up a role with the fine folk at Buffer App.

We ain’t even mad.

But we do need someone inconceivably skilled to take her place, and that someone might be you.

What is Attendly?

We are not building your average blog here, so we don’t want an average content wrangler.

Attendly is an online event registration solution. Running an event is no easy task, but it’s a noble one. Whether an event’s purpose is to raise money for a charity, help people meet new friends or teach people about something new, an event brings people together.

We built Attendly to encourage people to keep coming together. To learn, to meet new people, to help others, to get support.


We don’t stop there. Every day, as well as working to improve our product, we work on content to inform, educate and inspire our audience.

We want to help people be better at what they do – work, hobbies, family, life. We want to be an even bigger part of that journey than just bringing people together for events.

We want to be there every day, creating and sharing awesome content, and we want someone to help with that.

What would a content wrangler do?

We are looking for someone to master all of this, initially for two to three days a week.

Our Blog

  • Source remarkable and diverse writers to be published on the Attendly blog
  • Manage the entire publishing process from end to end
  • Complete editorial control over the blog content
  • Management of a content calendar
  • Oversee all freelancers and contractors who create content for the blog
  • Seed content across chosen channels

Guest Posts

  • Source sites for us to provide guest posts to on a regular basis
  • Management of a guest post calendar

Social Media

  • Managing Twitter, Facebook and G+ communities and responding to enquiries
  • Regular posting and sourcing of content on our Twitter channel
  • Regular posting and sourcing of content for our FB channel

Email Marketing

  • Source content for our regular newsletter
  • Create our content based newsletter once a week

This is a part time position of 20 to 25 hours a week.

Where is it based?

Planet Earth.

Seriously, you can be anywhere.

Sounds good. How do I apply?

Here is how to start the process. Send an email to me (Scott at Attendly dot com) with the following:

  • The best email subject line you have ever seen
  • A copy of your CV (LinkedIn URL is fine)
  • One paragraph of why you want this job
  • One paragraph of what it is about your background that makes you right for this role
  • An answer to the question: “In my opinion, the best cartoon series ever run on TV was…”

Thanks for your time, and good luck!