The noob who thought programming was easy: A reaction gif story – Friday Funnies Episode 22

Coding is supposed to be a job that’s in high demand and pays well, where you get to sit around in your underpants and drink coffee all day. At least, that’s what I thought it was like before I tried to learn Ruby. As it turns out, I was sadly mistaken.

I decide to learn Ruby because I think I’ll be like:

But when it takes me three hours just to install RVM, I’m like:

So then I start coding in Ruby for the first time, and I’m like:

Then when I watch my first Ruby file run, I’m like:

But I get an error that I’ve never seen before, so I’m like:

And when I still haven’t fixed it after an hour, I’m like:

But when I finally fix it all by myself, I’m like:

Then when I run the code again, I’m like:

And when it runs perfectly, I’m like:

So then I try coding something really cool, and when it’s done I’m like:

I show it to my neckbeardy friend, and I’m like:

But he’s like:

And he tells me to start over, so I’m like:

But then he says not to give up, so I’m like:

So I start over, even though now I feel like:

And it suddenly hits me that programming actually takes effort, so I’m like:

And Neckbeardy is all:

Except, you know, with a beard.

But I tell him I can do it, and he’s like:

So I’m like:

And then I’m like:

… and here it is.