The mammoth list of resources for sprucing up your client’s Facebook Page

So you’re a freelance web dev. You’ve got a bunch of clients, but once their sites are up and running, your work is pretty much done (ok, we both know that’s not true, but the money bags have stopped being delivered, at least).

So you want to get as much cash out of offer as many services to your clients as you can.

Chances are, they’ve got a Facebook Page set up already (if they don’t, you’re really in luck – start with a new project to create one for them!).

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With the constant framework and policy changes over at Facebook, building it into a strong platform for customer interaction can be pretty daunting.

You should find all the resources you need in this list to help your clients work towards a solid Facebook presence by setting them up with tools, apps and a sweet design.

10 social networks you can connect to a Facebook Page

You know exactly what I mean when I say an online research task can quickly turn into a spiraling adventure down the virtual rabbit hole. It’s all about the links. Linking together social media profiles for your client adds to their own web of interlinking, never-ending social content and helps them connect with customers all across the web.

Whatever networks your client is active on, there’s probably a way to hook it up to their Facebook Page.

1. YouTube

2. Pinterest

3. SoundCloud

4. Goodreads

5. Google+

6. Twitter

7. Quora

8. Etsy

9. LinkedIn

10. Instagram

10 resources for designing Facebook cover photos

Since the Facebook Timeline was rolled out to Facebook Pages, cover photos are the newest way to show off your wicked (or non-existent!) design skills. Although you have to keep any sales pitches away from the cover photo, you can help your client to promote their brand’s name and image front-and-center on their Facebook Page.

These resources should help you to get an amazing cover photo set up, regardless of your skills:

1. 40 (really) creative cover photo examples

2. Facebook rules against advertising in cover photos

3. Facebook timeline pixel dimensions cheat sheet

4. Florabella cover photo templates tool

5. Pic Moneky photo editing and collage tool

6. Free standard cover photo PSD template

7. Free cover photo collage templates

8. InstaCover – Make a cover photo from your client’s Instagram feed

9. Cover Photo Magic – Use your client’s Facebook photos to make a cover photo

10. Tricked Out Timeline – easy cover photo creator

12 apps for creating Facebook contests

Facebook is so commonplace now that every brand is looking for new ways to engage fans. Contests and giveaways are a good way to increase likes, shares and interaction on your client’s page. They also offer opportunities to pair up with other brands to secure prizes and promotion.

Starting a contest can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start, so you’ll want to jump in with these handy resources and do the hard yards for your client.

1. Facebook rules for competitions and promotions

2. SnapApp promotions app

3. Wildfire promotions app

4. Votigo promotions app

5. Offerpop promotions app

6. Easypromos promotions app

7. North Social promotions app

8. Social Prize promotions app

9. Top Tabs contest app

10. Strutta contests and sweepstakes

11. contest marketing

12. Fanzila contest app

11 of the best storefront apps for Facebook Pages

If your client has a product to sell, offering it for sale inside Facebook puts it in front of their loyal fans and friends-of-fans. It also saves customers from having to leave Facebook to make a purchase. The less work required, the more likely they will be to buy.

These apps offer easy solutions for setting up and managing a storefront on your client’s Facebook Page:

1. Payvment

2. Ecwid

3. Storefront Social

4. Wishpond

5. Shop Tab

6. Miiduu

7. Vendorshop

8. Big Commerce

9. Vendio

10. Shop Mania

11. Wazala

5 ways to add videos to a Facebook Page

We all know the importance of using videos for online marketing by now. YouTube reportedly had 4 billion views per day earlier this year, and doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon.

If your client’s Facebook Page is their online hub, however, they won’t want to leave all their videos sitting on a separate site like YouTube or Vimeo.

These apps will help you import videos to a Facebook Page, giving your client a stronger, more unified social presence in one place:

1. YouTube video gallery

2. Vimeo

3. UStream

4. Fanzila videos

5. Livestream

5 ways to import an RSS feed to a Facebook Page

Any brand worth their salt is blogging in some form these days. Facebook’s notes feature is not robust enough to use in place of a company blog, so your clients are probably using their own website or a popular blogging service like WordPress. Like setting up a storefront app, bringing your client’s blog into their Facebook Page takes away the need for their fans to leave Facebook, and let’s face it: Facebook users don’t like to leave Facebook.

These links should help you get most popular blogging services published onto a Facebook Page:

1. RSS Graffiti

2. Twitterfeed

3. Social RSS

4. RSS For Pages

5. Fanzila blog app

6 apps for offering coupons on a Facebook Page

Whether your client is selling products on their Facebook Page or not, they’ll probably want to offer special deals or coupons from time to time. Exclusive Facebook-only deals are a great way to encourage more people to like their page and share the offers with friends.

These apps make it easy to add special offers and coupons to a Facebook Page:

1. Coupons by Woobox

2. Coupons by Involver

3. Wildfire

4. Coupons Tab

5. Strutta

6. Coupon City

6 ways to add a music player to a Facebook Page

Depending on who your clients are, they may want to add a music player to their Facebook Page. For musicians, obviously, this gives their fans a chance to try out their product. For other clients, they may want to share audio recordings of interviews or podcast episodes this way.

These apps make adding audio players to a Facebook Page as easy as it could be:

1. Bandcamp

2. Band Profile

3. BandPage

4. SoundCloud

5. MixPod

6. Spotify

5 Forum apps you can add to a Facebook Page

Since Facebook removed the built-in ‘discussions’ section of Facebook Pages, an opportunity for interaction with fans has been lost. Adding a forum or message board gives fans a dedicated place to engage with the brand and each other.

For some easy ways to add a forum, check out the apps below:

1. Forum For Pages

2. Forum (formerly fBulletin)

3. Discussion Forum

4. Fanzila Forum

5. Discussion Tab

4 Contact forms for Facebook Pages

Every good website has a contact form, and a Facebook Page should be no different. A brand that is contactable by its customers earns more trust. Plus, it will be easier for your client to monitor feedback and questions if they come through a contact form than if they are spread all over their Facebook Page in posts and comments.

Add a quick contact form with these apps:

1. Contact Me

2. Contact Form

3. Contact Tab

4. Fanzila Contact Us form

5 ways to highlight your top fans

Highlighting a ‘fan of the week’ or ‘featured fan’ helps to make fans feel more included. Most of these apps can automatically choose a fan to feature based on their level of activity with the brand, therefore increasing the incentive to interact with your client’s Facebook Page.

1. Top Fans

2. My Top Fans

3. Top Fans for Pages

4. Fan of the Week

5. Booshaka

4 ways to add eNewsletter sign-up forms to a Facebook Page

If your client has an email newsletter, no doubt they have a sign up form on their website. With the amount of visitors to Facebook every day, it would be remiss not to include one on their Facebook Page as well. For fans who don’t want to leave Facebook and visit the client’s website, an email newsletter gives them a way to get updated information that they might miss otherwise.

These apps offer easy ways to include sign-up forms for popular email newsletter services on a Facebook Page:

1. MailChimp sign up form

2. AWeber

3. Email Signup

4. Constant Contact

5 apps to increase fan interaction on a Facebook Page

Getting fans to engage helps a brand grow stronger and more successful online. After all, social media is all about word-of-mouth, which comes from loyal fans.

These apps will help your client get in touch with fans directly and make them feel engaged:

1. Poll (Opinion polls)

2. Go! Chat

3. Survey Monkey

4. Polls Survey Tab

5. Surveys


What else would you add to the list? Leave a comment below if you have any suggestions.