Kayaking as an adventure sport – Friday Funnies

We had a work experience student in at the Attendly office this week, learning about startups, entrepreneurship and coding. One of the tasks we always set our students is to write a blog post for us with a personal narrative, but remain true to our core audience of people with an active lifestyle.

Here then is the experience of taking up kayaking for the first time, brought to you by Thomas the work experience guy!

What I thought kayaking was:


What kayaking felt like when I did it:


When my friend asked me to join before I knew much about kayaking:


When he says he is serious, and that kayaking is awesome:


When he tells me it’s not like camp kayaking, but that it is actually fun:


Tells me all the good things about kayaking and I’m like:

  • no Saturday sport and only three competitions in the season
  • you get seriously fit
  • these boats go crazy fast


Then he tells me its the only school sport where we meet girls and I’m like:

I sign up straight away:


When I get there on the first day and everything was as he said:


Then one of the competitions comes around and it was 24km:


When we were 5km through the race I was like:


are we there yet?

But I pushed through the pain:


Once I finished the race I was like:


But I achieved something and I ended up really enjoying kayaking: