7 of the best event planner cartoons on the web

The world of event planning has its own brand of humor. Cartoon sketches of frazzled planners, crazy customers and zany venues are easy to come by and great for a laugh.

We’ve compiled the best event planning cartoons we could find for your enjoyment. Maybe this might inspire your inner artist…or better yet, your inner comedian!

A Bag of Everything:

Source: http://www.eventmanagerblog.com/comics/event-planner-infographic

Conestoga Time:

“Well, I’ll be. Guess them Ingins got themselves an Event Planner”.

Source: http://www.radosh.net/archive/002246.html

Responsible for Every Last Detail:

Source: http://eiseverywhere.tumblr.com/post/15304144194/value-of-a-well-planned-meeting

Virtual Caffeine:

Source: http://www.smartmeetings.com/event-planning-magazine/2009/05/the-v-word

Dimensions and Measurements:

Source: http://eventchatter.typepad.com/chitchat/an-event-planners-way-of-life/

For Anyone Who Has Ever Worked a Star Wars Convention

Source: http://katetheshark.com/?archives-list=1

Give Aways and Not So Great Gifts:

Source: http://www.robcottingham.ca/cartoon/tag/conferences/

From funny attendees to the funny situations they put you in, you get why event planning deserves a running comic strip.

Have an artist that you find especially funny? A strip that details your event planning funnies perfectly? Send them our way!