5 Ways for Event Organisers to Plan a Green Event

Everybody wants to throw the coolest party around. Given that going green is the latest trend, the hippest parties are the most environmentally conscious.

Here are some useful (and sustainable!) tips for hosting environmentally friendly events.

1. Skip the bottled water and use the martini glasses.

Bottled water is the bane of the sustainable movement’s existence. It produces up to 1.5 million tons of plastic waste per year and continues to creep into our oceans and landfills. The vast majority of all plastics ever produced still exist because of their slow decay rate.

Provide glasses and other non-paper/non-plastic cups and pitchers of water so that hydration and sustainability are maintained simultaneously. If there are concerns with the use of tap water, you can employ the use of Purifiers.

Not enabling the use of water bottles will contribute directly to less waste and less opportunities for self-made water gun fights.

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2. Befriend farmers and invest in local food.

Putting in the extra research to find the local organic farmers and producers in an area will not only improve the quality of the product, it will also assure the sustainable nature of the food and drink being served.

Because there has been a noticeable shift in the public support of local producers, they have become far more present and accessible.

Using local farmers at your events promises attendees will have better meals. The local and the global community will reap the benefits of the practices that go into producing the food.

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3. Provide rides and soundtracks to venues.

Often, events are hosted in venues that aren’t necessarily accessible from public transport.

Solving the problem before it starts demands some research on the location- the closer it is to public transport, the better! Hosting events that are positioned close to public transport ensures a more sustainable commute.

If this is impossible or not consistent with the budget or desires of the client, there is a tangible solution. Providing a type of service vehicle that would assist in the commute would benefit everyone involved.

A “shuttle” could pick up from a main location (maybe one that is close to the public transport or the hotel or wherever there is a central meeting spot) and transport attendees to their ultimate destination. This curbs any need to drive individually and could contribute to higher turn-out and more timely attendance.

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4. Break out the linen and stay away from disposable.

Though we were raised with paper plates, generally designed to fit the exact theme of our birthday party, we are wiser and less wasteful now. The waste associated with disposable dining-ware and cutlery is exorbitant- but easily remedied!

Decorate with cloth and linen rather than plastics and polyesters. Use glass and dining plates rather than plastic or paper ones. This small effort is a tremendous step in the movement towards sustainability.

There are also fun ways to utilize natural settings: leaves, flowers and fruits make for beautiful additions to decor and equally beautiful additions to a sustainable world. Earth has some great ideas for party favors!

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5. Be a part of modernity and abandon the paper trail.

This day and age provides us with an endless stream of sites through which we can express our ideas and ourselves. These same outlets can also serve as platforms for upcoming events and opportunities for socializing.

There is no need for mailing. In fact, there is no need for paper at all! An online event management site can be very handy for paperless invites: people will receive the invites directly in their inbox.

Powerpoints and email attachments can replace what used to be the necessity of handouts and brochures. Those attending the event will automatically be e-mailed the presentation or any information necessary to supplement it. Gone are the days of paper-cuts!

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Leading a green lifestyle is simple. Hosting a green event is even simpler.

What ideas do you have for a greener event? Lets us know in the comments.