Stop complaining about the lack of women in tech

Posted by On 24th April 2013

The gender debate has been going on for years across all walks of life, but recently there seems to have been an increase in focus on gender disparity in the tech and science industries. Yahoo’s appointing of Marissa Mayer as CEO, Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In movement and the rise of groups like Black Girls Code and Girls Who Code to encourage and increase the numbers of female programmers and STEM majors have pushed the issue further into the limelight.

5 ways anyone can be an awesome human

Posted by On 26th February 2013

I’ve met lots of awesome people in my life, but none of them were superheroes or robots. They were all very real, very ‘normal’ humans. And funnily enough, they usually didn’t mean to be awesome—they didn’t even realize they were, in fact. Their habits had just made them into people worth being around.

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