Announcing the World of Events project, and how you can be involved

Human beings have always been social creatures. It’s one of the reasons we’ve been able to do so many incredible things.

By gathering together, the first humans were able to hunt, forage and form communities. From communities came cities, from cities sprung civilisations.

Through interacting with each other we learn about the world and ourselves. These connections aren’t just key to our survival, they’re essential to our happiness and wellbeing.

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So while amazing machines allow us to instantly chat with someone half a world away, this will never replace our innate need to meet one another face to face, to shake hands, to share a meal.

When we launch our event registration platform in January 2013, we will be helping to bring people together; to exchange points of view, share stories and dreams. Like people have always done. This is how new ideas are born. It’s how we become better at being human.

We want to start telling that story now, through a new project we are calling “The World of Events”.

The World of Events Project

Inspired by the Odyssey Expedition, where one man visited every country in the world without the use of flight, we want to experience events in every country in the world.


There are 193 countries signed up as members of the United Nations, as well as Taiwan, Vatican City, Palestine, Kosovo, Western Sahara plus the four nations that make up the United Kingdom.

Here is how we are going to do it.

We’re going to send a camera around the world from person to person, asking each recipient to take some awesome photos of the next event they attend. It can be any event, and we will supply the camera and pay for the postage.

Once they have taken their images, we want that person to then send the camera on to someone they know in a DIFFERENT country. The new person will take a collection of photos of an event in their country, and then send the camera on to a person they know in another country.

Eventually, through the use of multiple cameras, we will reach every country in the world.

We will collect the photos we receive onto an interactive map so that you can see the images that have been taken in each country, and where the camera is heading to next. We will tell the story behind each event, and behind each person.

How you can get involved

This all starts today. We are kicking it off in Australia, so if you live in Melbourne, Australia and have an event you want to photograph in the next week, hit us up on the details below.

If you want in on the story, you can email us or hit us up on Twitter and let us know which country you’re representing. We can only take one person in each country, so get in quick.

Email: scott AT

Twitter: @attendly

We can’t wait to get started.