A Spectacular List of 240+ Tips, Tricks and Resources for Content Marketing

Written by Belle Beth Cooper on June 14, 2012

From beginners to old-hats, we all have something to learn about content marketing. We know you have better things to do than spending your days scouring the web for the info you need, so we’ve taken the liberty of doing that for you.

Behold our epic list of the very best tips, info and resources to kick-start your content marketing strategy.

getting started

Understanding content marketing

Using content marketing for SEO results

Tips for setting up an editorial calendar

Building followers on social networks

Building an email subscription list

Creating effective calls to action

Generating content ideas

Tool to help you find content


must know

Must-see slide presentations

Must-read blogs

Must-follow Twitter users

Must-circle Google+ users

Must-listen podcasts

Must-join LinkedIn groups

Must-follow Pinterest boards

Best brands using Instagram for content marketing


text content

Content publishing tools

Whitepapers and eBooks


How to write super blog titles

Places to find royalty-free images

Places to find guest bloggers

Places to find blogs for guest-posting


video resources

Using video for content marketing

Places to seed videos



Content marketing infographics

Tips on making infographics

Resources for making infographics



Tools to help you curate content

Repurposing your content



Connecting with thought leaders

Tools to help you find thought leaders

Places to find people for outsourcing

Tools to track your blog stats

Tools to track your social media stats

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About the Author

Belle Beth Cooper

Belle is a co-founder of Melbourne startup Hello Code, creators of Exist—a personal analytics platform that helps you find work/life balance.


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