8 startup videos you’ll wish you had made

It’s not easy to stand out in the startup world, but a great promo video makes for a good start. Here are some of our favorites from across the web.

1. Dollar Shave Club

One startup that got a lot of attention thanks to a super video was Dollar Shave Club.

2. Snazzy Room

The team at Snazzy Room played on Dollar Shave Club’s popularity in this recruitment ad.

3. Active Building

What could have been an average software video from Active Building has been spiced up with some animated zombies.

4. Panorama 9

Panorama 9’s ‘IT-Man’ 8-bit video is a fun introduction to the product, complete with damsels in distress and giant dragons.

5. Do

In the over-saturated market of task-management apps, Do.com used a school election campaign as the premise for a slick promo video.

6. Jotly

Believe it or not, Jotly started out as just a parody video making fun of the abundance of mobile rating-and-suggestion apps. It proved to be so popular that the Jotly app was created after all!

7. Nosh

Co-founded by the very guy who makes fun of these kind of apps with Jotly, food-review app Nosh used a similar brand of humor for this video.

8. Vooza

Putting together every cliche we’ve come to expect from a startup video, Vooza created this hilarious promo of how they built Vooza.

Have you seen a better startup video? Leave a comment and let us know.