7 blogs that will motivate you to reach your goals

Written by Belle Beth Cooper on July 26, 2012

We all need a good butt-kicking sometimes to get us into gear. In no particular order, here are seven of our favorite blogs to inspire you to get stuff done.

Next time you’re in a slump, check these out before you go for a cold bucket of water to the face.

The Art of Non-Conformity

Started by: Chris Guillebeau
Topics: World travel, travel hacking, living unconventionally
Start here: A brief guide to world-domination

The 99 Percent

Started by: Behance
Topics: Creative work, idea creation, productivity, focus, business
Start here: On showing up, changing your life and limited goals

Expert Enough

Started by: Corbett Barr
Topics: Learning, motivation, inspiration
Start here: Enhance your expertise by refining your value process

Live Your Legend

Started by: Scott Dinsmore
Topics: Passion, purpose, working smarter
Start here: 74 Unconventional stories, ideas and beliefs for making an unforgettable impact in a conventional world

Seth’s Blog

Started by: Seth Godin
Topics: Marketing, business, learning, thinking differently
Start here: What’s on your list?

Life, Prioritized

Started by: Matt Ragland
Topics: Personal development, creativity, purpose, motivation
Start here: What is Life, Prioritized?

Zen Habits

Started by: Leo Babauta
Topics: Balance, focus, habits, health, living simply
Start here: The best goal is no goal

What are your favorite motivational blogs? Leave a comment below if you have one to add.

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About the Author

Belle Beth Cooper

Belle is a co-founder of Melbourne startup Hello Code, creators of Exist—a personal analytics platform that helps you find work/life balance.

  • http://mattragland.com/incoming Matt Ragland

    Wow! Corina I’m honored to be a part of such a great list of incredible bloggers. I also read each of these sites, they are doing incredible work. I would also like to add TentBlogger (http://tentblogger.com) & Jeff Goins (http://goinswriter.com) to the list, they have been very helpful and inspirational in my own writing. Have a great day!

  • Corina Mackay

    Thanks Matt! Can never have enough of these to turn to when you need some motivation :)

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